Why you should create a transcript for your podcast 

Millions of people worldwide are tuning into podcasts for learning, entertainment, and news. And if you are spending the time to create good quality content, you want to make sure that content is as accessible and discoverable as possible. 

What’s a transcript? 

A transcript is a word-for-word account of your podcast. It is made by listening to your podcast and writing down what has been said so it can be read. 

There are loads of different reasons why you should provide transcripts alongside your podcasts: 


Providing a written transcript can be useful in removing barriers to enjoyment of  your podcast. 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing. Some people with difficulty with sensory processing might also prefer to read than to listen. Listeners whose first language is not English may find having a written transcript useful so they can look up words that they have missed. Providing a transcript of your podcast can help expand your audience and can help give you a good reputation for being inclusive. 

Better Search Engine Optimisation 

Providing transcripts on your website gives a massive amount of searchable content on your webpage, increasing the amount of traffic to your website, meaning you reach more potential listeners. Many content creators will only link to podcast content that has a transcript, as it provides something for their readers and listeners to explore without listening to a whole episode. The increase in backlinks to your website will also increase your search engine optimisation, meaning you have more ways for your potential listeners to find out about your podcast. 

Increase your social media engagement 

Having an accessible and searchable transcript allows your listeners to more easily share quotes and highlights from your podcast on their social media – meaning you increase your reach and engagement. 

Using transcripts for new content 

Transcripts are a valuable source of written copy that can be easily repurposed into blogs, infographics, and social media posts.  

Creating a transcript is easier than you think! 

Having a transcript made is easier and cheaper than you might think. While you could use an automatic transcription service, the technology isn’t fully there and so it often doesn’t provide a reliable transcript. There is no accurate substitute for a human being.

At TypeOlogy, we aim to offer a fairly-priced service. Our base rate is £1.20 per minute of audio. However, we may make additional charges depending on the quality of audio, number of speakers, etc. If you email us at typeology.coop@gmail.com with a sample of your audio we can give you an accurate quote. We may be able to offer discounted rates for students and for community projects whose aims we support. Please contact us for details.