Member profiles

Steve co-founded TypeOlogy in 2017 while on a break from studying for their PhD in Disability Studies at the University of Leeds. As a neurodivergent non-binary person, their aim was to create flexible, accessible work for disabled people, trans people and others who experience unjust barriers to gaining more mainstream employment. Steve is actively involved in disabled people’s organisations and is currently doing a postdoctoral research project on disabled people’s involvement in co-ops in the UK.

Sophie (feminine or neutral pronouns) co-founded Typeology in 2017. She has a BSc degree in Psychology. Also A levels in Sociology and English Language and Literature. She has a Awareness in Bereavement Care certificate from the charity Cruse. She has a particular interest in raising awareness of mental health issues and neurodiversity and challenging negative stereotypes associated with them. She has cooked and done admin work for an independent homeless shelter for migrants. She is an avid reader, enjoying books and films of several different genres. She has also had creative writing as a hobby from a young age.

Simon has worked as an electronic notetaker for over 15 years and as a transcriptionist for over 10. They have two humanities degrees, and also have a background working in community development. In their spare time they like to play football, watch films and look at squirrels in the park.

Marion (she/her) has an MA in Gender and Women’s Studies and English Literature (2010) and a BA in Women’s Studies (2005). She has 15 years experience as an electronic notetaker for deaf people in Higher and Further Education in a range of different subjects (qualified to Level 3). She is also a qualified theatre captioner and has worked in a variety of community, arts and activist settings. She is an avid reader, supports campaigns for prison abolition and racial justice, and volunteers in a housing co-op.

Michael (they/them) has five years’ experience in academic, medical and HR transcription. Previously a freelancer, they joined Typeology in April 2021. They live in a housing cooperative in Manchester and spend most of their time playing for a range of queer team sports.