‘Massive recommendation for this cooperative transcription service. I’m using them at the moment and the service is excellent.’

Professor Deirdre Heddon, James Arnott Chair in Drama, University of Glasgow.

‘When commencing a new research project and in need of a transcription service, I remembered the posters for TypeOlogy I’d seen around my department and was attracted to the idea of working with a workers’ co-operative. TypeOlogy was an approved institutional supplier, competitively priced, and agreed to transcribe all the materials I would produce in the coming years. That was several years ago and, since commissioning TypeOlogy, they have delivered good quality transcription quickly, with minimal fuss, and from a range of source materials. The team have always been easy to contact, flexible, and cognisant of privacy concerns. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and hope to use them again myself in future work.’

Dr Greg Hollin, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds.

‘The team at TypeOlogy really went the extra mile for the work done on our project. The team were really responsive and our transcripts came back very quickly. We really appreciate all the work done on our project and would highly recommend the team at TypeOlogy as we really enjoyed working with them and would definitely use their service again.’

Bethan Starkey, Research Assistant, Childcare During COVID-19, Leeds University Business School.

‘I am using TypeOlogy exclusively on my current project and they have been great.’

Dr Gwyneth Lonergan, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at Lancaster University.

Great transcription.’

Isabella Melking, Forward Thinking blog and podcast.
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